How To Connect With Your Teenagers

Posted on: 25 November 2015

Remember the days when all you had to say was that your family was going to play a board game or visit grandparents, and your kids would get all excited? Now that they're teenagers, they have probably shown more interest in being with their friends than in hanging out with parents and siblings. Don't worry too much about that, as it's pretty normal. In fact, teenagers wanting to be with their peers is just one way that they're establishing the fact that they're on the road to adulthood. However, if being together as a family is a priority for you, here are some ideas that might help you to connect with your teenagers.

One Evening Out Of The Week - You might be surprised that your kids actually do want to spend time together as a family, and they're just waiting for you to make it happen. Being at home is simply a safe place to be for them, especially with parents. Think about making one day out of the week be just for family time. For example, you could choose one evening to be movie night where each family member gets to choose a flick. Add popcorn and a soda and you've got a great scenario for pleasant time spent together. The frosting on the cake would be to end your activity with some conversation and a dessert. 

One Day Out Of The Weekend - Having fun together on a weekend will be easier to do if the kids know that they'll still have time to spend with friends in the evening. Besides attending church or spending time with grandparents and other family members, add some family fun by doing things like going to the mall for window shopping and pizza, visiting a museum, or visiting one of your area's tourist attractions. Another great idea is to get a gym membership as a family. Affordable gym memberships are readily available, and most of them actually offer a special price when joining as a family. Besides the regular gym equipment like treadmills and weights, there will probably be great classes your family can join. Some of them might be dance-exercise classes and even self-defense classes. The great thing about is a gym is that they usually open early in the morning and close in the evenings, so you can choose the best time for your family to be there. Don't be surprised if you end up spending more time at the gym than one day out of the weekend.

Remember to take pictures of all of your family activities. The years will fly by and those pictures will be treasures to you.


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