Preparing For A Montessori Preschool Program At Home

Posted on: 9 December 2015

Montessori schools use the premise that children will learn effectively through the use of hands-on activities. These activities are constructed to teach children about life-based experiences as they play. Adding an activity station in your home to teach your preschooler the same values can be beneficial in transitioning them to the practices they will be using when they are enrolled in a Montessori schooling program. Here are a few ideas you can use to make your own activity station, preparing you child for the tasks they will do in preschool.

Making An Appropriate Area

The spot you choose for your activity station should be away from all activity in the household. Do not have a television within view so your child can concentrate on learning. Place a table and chairs in the area so your child can sit down in a setting without distraction. Place a few shelves in the area to house your child's activities. Label plastic bins with a colorful picture on the front so your child will know what is inside. These can be put on the shelves within easy reach. Do not use the activity area except for learning. This way the child will soon realize that they will be working on their education when in the area. Since the activities are fun, they will associate the area with a good time.

Providing Stimulation

Make several small stations in the area for your child to enjoy. Place arts and craft materials in bins and bring them out to help teach your child about seeing and feeling colors and textures. Make sorting activities from different colored beads or scraps of cloth. Incorporate a small snack station into the area to enhance the sense of taste. Have the child help you make a nutritious snack to share. Have your child explore the sense of hearing with musical instruments. Place fragrant flowers in the area so your child learns about pleasing scents.

Using Sensory Boxes

Sensory activities are a wonderful way to teach children about the items around them during their everyday daily tasks. Making a box filled with like items will help a child learn about their place in their life. Fill a plastic bin with small animal figures. Make another one which holds small items used to cook. Bring a box out at intervals throughout the day to teach your child about items they will come across throughout their life. Stories can be made about the items, and your child can use pretend play to learn how the items are useful.

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