5 Reasons To Consider A Religious Preschool

Posted on: 14 December 2015

There are a variety of preschool programs available throughout the country. Some people are very focused on finding a private preschool with a specific curriculum like teaching a second language to their children or having their children learn to read by age four. However, there are benefits to religious preschools, and you may want to consider them as well when you are looking for a preschool. Here are five reasons to consider including a religious preschool in your search.

Religious Preschools May Be More Affordable

According to Babycenter.com, the average cost of preschool can range from $372 to $1100 a month. This can be a big hit to your budget. It can also be frustrating if you really want your child to attend preschool, but you are struggling to make ends meet. According to US News, some religious preschools offer lower tuition rates than their private counterparts. Additionally, many religious preschools offer need-based scholarships or discounts that you can take advantage of to help you afford preschool for your child. You will need to contact nearby preschools to see if they offer scholarships or tuition reduction for students. 

Sense of Community

Even if you choose a different church from the one you attend for a preschool or if you are not religious, your child can benefit from the community that surrounds a church preschool. This can help them as they continue on to school. It gives them a chance to meet other people in your neighborhood and community since many people choose a preschool based on proximity to home.

Variety of Program Styles

Many private preschools are very focused on academics and having measurable results. Public preschool programs like the Head Start program are also focused on academics and results. Some religious preschools are more focused on allowing children to come together to learn to share and play. You may have an easier time finding a more social preschool at your local church rather than going through a private or public options. Some religious preschools may be more strict and rigorous, so it is important to think about what type of preschool you want your child to attend, and then look for one that fits your criteria.

Expose Your Children to Different Cultures or Beliefs

Another benefit is that you can expose your children to a wide variety of beliefs and cultures by choosing different preschool programs. Many of the programs do not focus on specific religious beliefs but do talk about God. It can be a chance to have a discussion with your child about what you believe or do not believe and how to treat people who feel differently. You can ask the preschool director just how much they focus on religious discussion when you tour the school to make sure you are comfortable with what your child will be exposed to in the classroom.

A Program that Supports Your Beliefs

Many religious people find comfort in sending their kids to a religious preschool. They like to reinforce what they are learning at home about God or religion in the classroom. The easiest way to do this is to send them to the school sponsored by your church or a church within your denomination.

For more information and options, contact some local preschools in your area, such as Sammamish Montessori School.


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