Three Reasons To Send Your Child To Preschool

Posted on: 18 December 2015

If your child has reached the age they are ready for preschool, you need to give a lot of thought to enrolling him or her. If you are a stay-at-home parent, it is difficult to let go of your child, if only for a few hours each day, but there are benefits of a good preschool program. The following are among the most significant.

Children get a head start with communication skills

A child in a preschool environment will learn to understand instruction and develop their communication skills with adults other than their parents and relatives. Professional teachers know the proper level of vocabulary to use with little ones and are able to help them develop better sentence structure when they speak as well as increase their vocabulary. Although a mother and father can do this as well, the combination of it being done by a professional preschool teacher and doing it for more time makes this a great environment for your child to enrich their skills in speaking and listening.

Children get a head start with social skills

Your child will benefit by spending time with other children their own age, even if it is for only two or three hours each weekday. Learning how to behave around others your own age are skills that need to be learned. Some children come from large families and may have several siblings and cousins to play with, but how a child acts around family members is much different than how they are expected to act in public and around other children they do not know. The social skills they learn in preschool will also help them when they begin kindergarten. It is here that a your child will likely encounter an entire class of children they do not know, but they will already have the skills needed to adjust quickly.

Children learn to develop their cognitive skills

Many of the activities that preschool children engage in are designed specifically for their age group and allows them to begin learning to think. Even at this age, they can engage in problem solving and rudimentary math. It is a professional, preschool teacher who has the skills and the materials to help develop these skills in your child effectively.

Although many children will begin to learn the skills mentioned above when they first start kindergarten, children who have already spent a year in preschool will have a head start. The skills developed in preschool will contribute to their emotional, cognitive and communicative growth, and these are the areas many children have difficulty with in the first year of school.

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