Are Charter Schools Really Effective?

Posted on: 9 March 2016

Many parents want their children to be accepted into a charter school because they believe that the education it provides is superior to a regular public school education. Over the years, this belief has been challenged by some experts who feel charters do not live up to their reputation. If you are considering sending your child to a charter school you should know that they do, in fact, offer multiple advantages for students.


Even though charter schools are publicly funded, they offer the advantages of a private school. They are allowed greater flexibility in how they use their funding, so they can more specifically address the particular needs of their students. They are also allowed to create specific curricula that appeal to students with special talents. As a result, there are schools that specialize in the performing arts, mathematics, and science. Perhaps the greatest advantage of these schools' flexibility is that they can prepare students for specific college majors while they are still in high school. 


Although not all charter schools are created equal, many of these schools are simply better because they have to compete with other schools. Parents will flock to admit their children to quality charters, maneuvering to get the last few coveted slots. Less effective schools will suffer from fewer students and less funding as a result. To survive, charters have to fight harder than their regular public school counterparts to please their clientele. 


Unlike other schools, charters are not limited to a small geographical area within a district. Some of these schools are state charters while others are district charters. Students can often get inter-district transfers if necessary so that they can go to the school that best suits them. Most importantly, they are not forced to go to a lower quality school simply because they live in a specific neighborhood. Charters help students break through education limits caused by the traditional pubic school system.

If charter schools are available in your area, you should explore that option for your child. They do offer a number of advantages that many public schools cannot match. In fact, they are comparable to private schools but are run with public funds. These schools may offer the best chance for your child to receive an innovative and in-depth education that will prepare them for success at the college level and beyond. Consult with your school district to find out what options are available for your child. To learn more, contact a charter school like Freedom Academy


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